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J.S. Cock AS was established by Jens Sigvald Cock in 1897. Ever since its startup 120 years ago, deliveries of valves and related equipment to process and ship industry has been the company's main business area. J.S. Cock AS also develops its own coating systems marketed under its trademark Power Coat and sold through more than 250 distributors in Scandinavia. At the beginning of 2017 the company has 34 employees at the head office in Oslo and branch offices in Bergen, Stavanger, Arendal and Trondheim.


Severn Norge AS was established in 2011 as cooperation between Severn Glocon Group PLC and J. S. Cock AS, their long-term partner in Norway. Severn Norge AS was established to provide international control valve expertise and service capabilities locally to Norwegian oil companies and contractors. The company specializes in the delivery, service and maintenance of control valves for demanding applications. The company and its owners have extensive references for valve management contracts and for upgrade and retrofit products to oil & gas applications.


InLine Prosess AS has from January 1st 2020 been merged with J.S.Cock AS. The business of InLine Prosess AS - herein all existing agreements and relationships - is now continued by J.S.Cock AS. All orders/purchase orders regarding InLine Prosess pending at year end, is now transferred to J.S.Cock. This includes all accounts receivables and payables. We therefore ask you to correct your systems accordingly, so the transition may proceed as smoothly as possible.


NVG AS (Norwegian Valve Group) is a provider of valve solutions for the oil and gas industry and land based industries. Their product range includes process valves for regulation, shut-off, safety and vacuum, pressure and temperature gauges, - switches and converters and pneumatic instrumentation.



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